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Mootastic Munchies 


Cauliflower Bites 12

Deep fried and breaded cauliflower served with sweet chili sauce.

Tempura Shrimp 14

Delicious tempura battered shrimp served with sweet chili sauce.

Crispy Seafood Medley 19

A plate of flavour with deep fried and breaded calamari, shrimp and green beans, served with cocktail sauce.

Fried Calamari 14

Lightly hand dusted calamari with onions, peppers, jalapenos, and Cajun spices. Served with sriracha mayonnaise.

Veggie Dumplings 12

These veggie dumplings are pan seared and full of flavour! Served with choice of plum sauce or sweet chili.

Sweet and Sassy Chicken and Chips 14

Crispy chicken tenders tossed in a sweet chili Thai sauce. Served on a bed of kettle chips, sriracha mayonnaise and garnished with green onions, cabbage and carrots.

Bacon Cheddar Tater Kegs 12

Crispy potato taters filled with creamy cheddar cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, and a hint of chives, garnished with fried leeks and served with garlic aioli.

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